About Us

Clearview is a family run business founded in 1970 that continues to innovate. We have earned the trust of growers and retailers of all sizes throughout Canada and the United States. By using the latest technologies and research we remain North America's Leader in clematis propagation, production and breeding.

Whether you are a grower or retailer we can help design an assortment of clematis or annuals that fits your clientele complete with the cultivars that are right for your geographic region. We firmly believe that every plant that leaves our farms must meet or exceed your expectations. Furthermore we are committed to handling all inquiries large and small with care, professionalism and expertise.

Our Comittment to You

Quality and Value

All Clearview products are produced in sterile conditions. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) includes biological methodology. We are inspected by Agriculture Canada and are certified to ship to the USA. Attention to detail is one of the key factors that enable Clearview to consistently ship the best quality available anywhere. We also strive to have the best labels on the market. By offering superior quality product and competitive pricing we provide value to both our grower customers and retailers.


A good network of trucking enables us to service most major areas in both Canada and the USA. In season, order by Friday for delivery the following week. If orders are placed Monday or Tuesday orders will be delivered prior to the weekend for most areas in BC or the Pacific Northwest. Our own trucks service most of BC, and Washington State often on a daily basis. Our reliable contract carriers deliver to all the Western Provinces and States on a weekly basis and the Central and Eastern States in peak season. Weekly deliveries to SeaTac Airport enable us to ship smaller orders efficiently anywhere in the USA.


We offer one of the widest selections of Clematis and Geraniums available anywhere in the world. We strive to offer only product that will perform well in the garden, as we believe the satisfaction of the final consumer is paramount.