Clematis Vancouver Series™

The Clematis Vancouver™ series is bred here at Clearview. These are hybridized with the goals of developing varieties with exceptional garden performance, outstanding disease resistance and unique appealing colors. Some varieties are bred with the smaller garden or container application in mind whereas others are suited to arbors and large trellises. These cultivars have sold exceptionally well at the retail level and are proving very popular among garden enthusiasts.

  • Clematis Vancouver Deborah Dahl

    NEW Clematis Vancouver™
    Deborah Dahl

    One of those varieties that simply makes you say "WOW". The intense red stamens contrast with deep lavender sepals making her 9 inch blooms absolutely gorgeous. This group B1 variety requires little pruning and will adorn your garden with flowers in late spring/early summer then again in fall. Can be enjoyed in a large container, climbing an arbor, or scrambling through a small tree or large shrub.

  • Clematis Vancouver Cotton Candy

    NEW Clematis Vancouver™
    Cotton Candy

    The namesake Cotton Candy is a perfect fit as the raspberry red flushed white tepals shine against a sunshine yellow stamen. The 6-8 inch flower will enlighten your garden whether in a large pot or other garden application. This Group B1 has a mature height of 6-7 feet and blooms in late spring to early summer and again in the fall.

  • Clematis Vancouver Danielle

    Clematis Vancouver™

    This gorgeous Group B1 variety is a cross between The President and Violet Charm. Compact 6-8 foot variety. Deep purple-blue 6-8 inch flowers with striking red tipped stamens blooming late Spring and again in early Fall.

  • Clematis Vancouver Starry Night

    Clematis Vancouver™
    Starry Night

    Group B2. Flowers are a brilliant purple with a red bar, or blue with a mauve bar and 5-7 inches. Bloom colour varies depending on light intensity and environmental factors. Stamens are white flushed with red. A very heavy flush of flowers appears early spring through mid summer. A second flush appears in fall. A mature height of about 6 feet and works well in a container or in a small group.

  • Clematis Vancouver Mystic Gem

    NEW Clematis Vancouver™
    Mystic Gem

    Masses of large flowers from late spring through early summer then again in fall make this group B1 a show stopper. The 6-8 inch flowers are pink on white with red stamens. A mature height of 5 – 7 feet makes this new classic suitable for a large container or traditional garden application including a small arbor, or trellis.

  • Clematis Vancouver Sea Breeze

    Clematis Vancouver™
    Sea Breeze

    Group B2. Soft lavender flowers are abundant late spring into fall. The lavender tepals sometimes display a somewhat rosy tone. Wavy edged tepals are contrasted with a yellow stamen. This very floriferous cultivar matures at a height of 5-7 feet making it suitable for large containers or other garden applications.

  • Clematis Vancouver Morning Mist

    Clematis Vancouver™
    Morning Mist

    The 8-12 inch blooms from May through September make it the perfect addition to any garden or patio. Morning Mist holds the record for the largest Clematis flower ever recorded in the Rogerson Clematis Trial (an independent trial of over 600 varieties). This group B2 variety matures at about 6- 8 feet.

  • Clematis Vancouver Fragrant Star

    Clematis Vancouver™
    Fragrant Star

    Group B2. A rare case in that we have a large flowering hybrid with a lovely fragrance. Flowers are pure white with red stamens. Flowers begin early in June and continue throughout summer. This cultivar has a mature height of 6-8 feet making it suitable for large containers or other garden applications.