Programs for Growers

At Clearview propagating healthy vigorous plants is what we are all about. Our Vapor Pressure Deficit technologies and spotless propagation facilities enable us to produce millions of cuttings annually. Through ongoing research over the past 40 years and through networking with some of the leading plant producers in the world you can count on us to be your trusted young plant source for Clematis, Geraniums and Regals.

Not only are we a North American leader in Clematis propagation but we are also proud to be a rooting station for Dummen USA. Through the Dummen broker network we offer rooted Oglevee geraniums and regals to growers throughout Western Canada and the USA.

Clematis and other vines for growing on are offered as rooted cuttings in ellepots, as a one year liner in 2.5” pots and as a 2 year old liner in quarts. With over 40 years of experience growing clematis we can recommend a program that fits your needs. Please phone or email us for more details.

If you would like to order annuals directly we can supply prefinished 4.5” pots and hanging baskets on all of our retail ready products.