In 1970; Fred Wein Senior, his wife Sidney Mary, Fred’s mom Gladys and her husband Charlie Barron, all bought the land at our current 56th Avenue location and began creating the dream that is Clearview Horticultural Products. Charlie and his father Will Barron, brought with them tremendous knowledge of Clematis; from having grown them for years back in Ontario. That knowledge combined with Fred Senior’s business sense, got us off to a good start as we began building our greenhouses and started propagating. The group worked together for a few years until Gladys and Charlie needed more time to relax, so Fred and Sidney Mary bought them out.


In 1983, with his degree in Agriculture, Fred Junior joined the business. Then in 1989, with his degree in Commerce, and several years of horticultural supply sales, Rob Wein joined them. Together they brought new energy and ambition to grow the operation, and successfully did so. Clearview has become a top producer, seeking out the best varieties and developing an excellent breeding program.


We now have a fifth generation active in our business. Rob Wein Junior is currently completing his degree in Horticulture. His education and interest in entomology has helped propel us toward sustainable production. Dustin Wein’s Business education helps keep the finances in check. Fred Junior’s kids, who also grew up working at the nursery, have attended university and left to pursue different careers. Fred Senior’s major focus has turned to Clematis breeding, while Sidney Mary continues to ensure i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. We have worked hard at developing a great staff and currently have four locations with greenhouse area totalling over 450,000 square feet. We are proud to have become one of the major clematis propagators in North America. We continue to honour our original simple philosophy of quality products, service and selection.


Quality & Value

All Clearview products are produced in sterile conditions. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) includes biological methodology. We are inspected by Agriculture Canada and are certified to ship to the USA. Attention to detail is one of the key factors that enable Clearview to consistently ship the best quality available anywhere. We also strive to have the best labels on the market. By offering superior quality product and competitive pricing we provide value to both our grower customers and retailers.


A good network of trucking enables us to service most major areas in both Canada and the USA. In season, order by Friday for delivery the following week. If orders are placed Monday or Tuesday orders will be delivered prior to the weekend for most areas in BC or the Pacific Northwest. Our own trucks service most of BC, and Washington State often on a daily basis. Our reliable contract carriers deliver to all the Western Provinces and States on a weekly basis and the Central and Eastern States in peak season. Weekly deliveries to SeaTac Airport enable us to ship smaller orders efficiently anywhere in the USA.


We offer one of the widest selections of Clematis and Geraniums available anywhere in the world. We strive to offer only product that will perform well in the garden, as we believe the satisfaction of the final consumer is paramount.