We have the right liner for your needs

At Clearview propagating healthy vigorous plants is what we are all about. Our Vapor Pressure Deficit technologies and spotless propagation facilities enable us to produce millions of cuttings annually. Through ongoing research over the past 40 years and through networking with some of the leading plant producers in the world you can count on us to be your trusted young plant source for Clematis, Geraniums and Regals.

Not only are we a North American leader in Clematis propagation but we are also proud to be a rooting station for Dummen USA. Through the Dummen broker network we offer rooted geraniums and regals to growers throughout Western Canada and the USA.

Clematis and other vines for growing are offered as rooted cuttings in 30mm liner, 60mm pot (one year liner), 2 in 1 - 80mm quart pot as well as a prefinished gallon.

30mm Liner

Our 30mm liners are a great item for those who can pot in the late-spring or early summer for following spring sales. Alternatively, one could pot in winter for same spring sales in a quart sized pot. This easy to transplant item offers the best price point. 75 per variety. Minimum 900 units per order. With 300 per case or 7200 per rack., freight is very reasonable.

60mm Liner

Our 60mm liner is our most popular size. For most varieties, we recommend late Spring or early summer potting for following Spring sales. 28 per variety, minimum 112 pots per order. Ships 56 per case, 2240 per rack. Experience the Clearview Difference with our Bullet proof 60mm Liner!!

80mm 2-in-1 Quart

Our 2-in-1 liners have more grow power than any other liner on the market! With two strong plants per liner, you get double the branching and twice the flower power. Pot in Winter in 1 gallon for same Spring sales! Pot in Summer in 2 gallon or larger for Spring sales! Minimum 18 ellepot per variety Minimum order 144 Ships 36/case or 1296/rack Experience the Clearview Difference with our 2-in-1 Ellepot!

Prefinished Gallon

Our 1 Gal pre-finished ship in a trade gallon. These normally ship in February or March for same Spring sales. Minimum 100 per variety. Ship 450 per rack. Do you want to make a difficult crop easy? Do you want to decrease labor? Do you want to save heat? Do you want to eliminate over wintering losses? Do you want to increase your quality? Try Clearview ’s Pre-finished 1GallonProgram!