For Retailers

With over 40 years of supplying product to fine retailers we have become a trusted source for retail-ready plants.

We understand that you need plants that your customers can’t refuse. After all, your customers want to see plants that are exciting. Our plant labels are colorful and informative, and all products are barcoded. Because they are easy to read they help sell the product for you.

Our distribution network combined with freight efficient packaging, makes us competitive Coast to Coast in Canada and the USA.

Clematis and Vines

Clearview is well known internationally for our spectacular clematis selection and expertise. Our most popular size is the 1 Gallon, and we definitely recommend it for every garden center. It comes with buds and blooms on a 3’ cedar stake. We can ship up to 250 gallons on a pallet. Clematis and vines are also offered in 2.5” pot as well as larger 2 and 5 gallons. You can select your favorite varieties or we can choose an assortment that will be suitable for your climate. If needed we can preprice our vines for you.



Our annuals are always shipped in bloom, and we carry all the essentials for your shop. Some of our more popular items are Begonia Solenia, Begonia Non-Stop, Coleus, Gerberas, Geraniums, Ipomeas and Regals. All bedding plants are offered in a 4.5” pot and some in 6”. We also carry a variety of hanging baskets and planters. Our 12” mixed basket is our best seller but we also do higher end baskets such as our 16” moss baskets. Please contact us for a complete list of available products and pricing.