Flower Color: White
Flower Form: In Clusters
Flowering Period: Spring
Mature Height: 12-20′(3.5-6m)
Pruning Requirement: Prune to Shape
Planting Aspect: Partial Sun / Full Sun
Cold Tolerance: USDA Zone 4
Fragrant: Yes
Price Group: Standard


About Actinidia arguta Issai
This vigorous climbing Kiwi is excellent for covering large areas. The fragrant 0.75″ (19mm) flowers are white with purple anthers. Issai requires a warm location and about 150 frost free days per year for fruit to form. Fortunately this variety is self fertile meaning you don’t need both male and female plants. Often it is the second season after planting before fruit is produced. The light green foliage turns to a gold yellow in the fall. They require little or no pruning other than to keep them in bounds.