Flower Color: White
Flower Form: In Clusters
Flowering Period: Spring
Mature Height: 12-20′(3.5-6m)
Pruning Requirement: Prune to Shape
Planting Aspect: Full Sun / Partial Shade
Cold Tolerance: USDA Zone 3
Fragrant: Yes
Price Group: Standard


About Actinidia (Actinidiaceae) kolomikta (female)
A very attractive foliage climber for a sunny position. Though it produces small sweet and edible fruit when male and female forms are planted together, it is usually grown for its 7.5-15cm (3-6″) oblong, tooth edged leaves. The leaf tips start white and age to pink contrasting against the remaining dark green. They require little or no pruning other than to keep them in bounds. This genus cannot be exported to the USA thus we cannot accept US orders on this variety.