Color: Pink
Flower Size: 1-2″ (3-5cm)
Flowering Period: April & May
Mature Height: 8-10′(2.4-3m)
Pruning Group: A
Planting Aspect: Sun/ Partial Sun/ Bright Shade
USDA Zone: 3
Foliage: Deciduous
Suitable As Ground Cover: Yes
Price Group: 2


About Alpina Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo features a beautiful pale pink semi-double bell shaped flower that is similar to a macropetela in appearance. In addition to its spring bloom, Pink Flamingo often throws a few blooms in the fall. Alpinas perform well in light conditions ranging from bright shade to hot sun. Also, they can be used as a climber, rambler or ground cover. Their delicate flowers are followed by attractive seed heads. These attributes make this hardy species one of the easiest and most versatile types of clematis to grow. Pruning group A.