Flower Color: White
Flower Form: 3-4″ (8-10 cm)
Flowering Period: Late Spring to Autumn
Mature Height: 6-12′(1.8-3.7m)
Pruning Requirement: Prune to Shape
Planting Aspect: Full Sun / Partial Shade
Cold Tolerance: USDA Zone 8
Foliage: Yes
Price Group: 2


About Passiflora Snow Queen
Riverside® Passiflora hybrids hold great advantages for both nurseries and home gardeners. Compared to the common Passion flowers, Riverside® varieties have stronger and more rapid growing root systems, are overall more vigorous plants, and hold sturdier foliage. Riverside® Passiflora flowers also develop larger with wider petals and sepals, as well as longer blooming periods. Even if they won’t over winter they are worth growing as an annual!