Color: Red
Flower Size: 4-6″ (10-15cm)
Flowering Period: June-Sept
Mature Height: 8-12′(2.5-3.5m)
Pruning Group: B2
Planting Aspect: Sun/ Partial Shade
USDA Zone: 3
Foliage: Deciduous
Suitable As Ground Cover: Yes
Price Group: Standard


About Ville De Lyon
A favorite since the turn of the century. The flower is quite unique; the tepals have a carmine edge that fades into an attractive silver sheen and large yellow stamens. The 4-6″ (10-15cm) blooms if pruned hard, or 5-7″ (12-18cm) blooms if pruned lightly, are produced from June through September on an 8-12′ (2.5-3.5m) plant. Pruning group B2 or C.