Flower Color: Purple-Blue
Flower Form: In Clusters
Flowering Period: Early Spring
Mature Height: 6-20′(2-6m)
Pruning Requirement: Prune to Shape
Planting Aspect: Full Sun / Partial Shade
Cold Tolerance: USDA Zone 7
Foliage: Yes
Fragrant: Yes
Price Group: Standard


About Holboellia (Lardizabalaceae) coriacea
A vigorous evergreen reaching 23′(7m) displaying small purplish white male and female flowers on the same plant, followed by purple fruit. The fleshy sausage shaped fruit is rarely produced unless planted against a sunny wall. Holboellia is usually grown for its attractive evergreen foliage. No pruning is required. If pruning is desired, prune to shape after flowering.